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Chantier Solidaire asks you to voluntarily participate in a support activity that creates social, economic, cultural, agricultural and urban alternatives, at the centre of which mankind is placed.

As a secular movement, Emmaüs' strength comes from the welcome it can offer others. Ever since the creation of the Emmaüs Communities, young people have been involved in the dynamic, in order to call out to others, and make the Emmaüs movement evolve.

The Village Emmaüs Lescar-Pau, founded by a former member of Chantier Solidaire (known then as the 'youth camp') at the end of the '70s, keeps up this tradition of openness and commitment to helping others.


If you wish to participate in new alternatives and experience life in the heart of mankind, join us for a week, a summer or during your holidays, whenever they may be. For the length of your stay, you will discover all the different activities that take place in the Communauté Emmaüs Lescar-Pau and you will meet some amazing people. At their side, you will immerse yourself in real life!


Chantier Solidaire and Emmaüs Lescar-Pau have a facebook pagel. You can become a friend here: http://fr-fr.facebook.com/EmmausLescar-Pau

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